Brewster reviewed by Bruce Eaton

Great review by Bruce Eaton of Brewster at Good and Evo.  ”If you’re a beer hunter, it can be hard to remember which beers you had and also whether it was even worth drinking. Brewster gives you the ability to log in which beer you drank, how many you had, and rate just how tasty you thought the beer was on a five-star scale.”    Thanks Bruce for a great review and welcome to the Brewster family.  Read the entire article Here

Thex joins elite Google developers group

This week Thex was selected by Google Labs to participate in the pre-releases of the newest APIs being released by Google.   This is a big honor and we appreciate the faith that Google has put into location based targeted applications such as Brewster.  There are fewer than 1000 companies world wide trusted to take part in these programs.  Look for new new features that exploit our access to these unpublished Google APIs.  And of course, Thanks Google!

Brewster goes global in the first 24 hours

Its hard to image, but Brewster reached 17 countries in the first 24 hours.  We even have a new beer drinking friend from Argentina that posted on the official Brewster Facebook page.  So far the response has been overwhelming!  Thank you all for kind comments on the marketplace.  As an update we posted a very small update to fix a friend glitch on the HTC Hero.  You all should be working happily again.  Join the Facebook group for important updates at


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